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güncelleme: 23.1.2017 16:23

The proposed UNESCO Chair on "Cultural Diplomacy, Governance and Education", due to its multidisciplinarity, is directly related to many of the UNESCO domains, disciplines, and priorities, as follow:

Disciplines / Domains:

  1. Corporate and Social Responsibility
  2. Cultural Anthropology
  3. Cultural and Ethnic Studies
  4. Cultural Diversity Management
  5. Development of Sustainability
  6. Development Studies and Cooperation North-South, South-South
  7. Gender Equity and Women Empowerment
  8. Human Ecology / Ethno Ecology
  9. Human Ressources Management
  10. Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue
  11. Peace and Conflict Studies
  12. Public and Cultural Diplomacy
  13. Management of Education System
  14. Study of Ethic and Value Theory
  15. Social Geography/ Cultural Geography

UNITWIN Partners
  1. Anglia Ruskin University – Cambridge – United Kingdom
  2. Centre d'Etudes Diplomatiques et Strategiques Paris – France
  3. EURAS – Union of Eurasian Universities
  4. Institute of Russian Education Academy
  5. The World Bank – Education Section
  6. Turkish National Commission for UNESCO – Education Committee
  7. United Nations Economic and Social Council
  8. University Sorbonne, Paris IV – France
  9. University Paris Descartes, Paris V – France
  10. University Lausanne Switzerland
  11. University of Beirut – Lebanon
  12. University of Moscow State University (Lomonosov) – Russia
  13. ​Most recent UNITWIN Partners list is available at