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  Outgoing Students

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As an Istanbul Aydin University (IAU) student, you can spend one or two semesters as an exchange student at one of our partner universities abroad. IAU has concluded 170 agreements at 56 Countries in order to provide a valuable study abroad experience to its students. IAU students must apply to the International Academic Relations Office (IARO). Our student advisers there will help you find the right country and university for you. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be selected and placed at a partner university by the IARO. Outgoing exchange students pay their regular tuition fees to IAU. They do not pay tuition fees at the partner university but are responsible to cover their own travel, accommodation and living expenses while studying abroad. Credits of courses successfully completed at the partner university may be transferred to IAU upon the approval of the relevant Faculty of the student. IAU outgoing exchange students must return to IAU at the end of their study abroad period and upon successful completion of all their program requirements, graduate from IAU. 


In order to be eligible for the Student Exchange Program, you must:

be enrolled as a full-time student,

Have completed at least 60 ECTS at IAU,

Have minimum 2.5 GPA with no failed courses,

Satisfy host institution's admission and host country's entry requirements,

Be returning to IAU for at least one semester following the exchange term,

As some host institutions may require a proof of language proficiency in English as a Second Language, obtain the required TOEFL or IELTS scores. 

Have no academic misconduct,

Be a good ambassador for IAU


Be aware that you must meet their deadlines (which vary from institution to institution). Late applications will not be accepted by the host universities.


Outgoing exchange students should prepare their detailed Learning Agreements with their Departmental Coordinator.

Learning Agreement sets out the program of studies to be followed by the student. The total ECTS of the courses is required to be 30 for one semester and 60 for two semesters.

Learning Agreement should be approved by all parties including the Departmental Coordinator, Institutional Coordinator, Host University abroad and the student.

Application Documents

For application:

Application Form (Download form)

Transcript of Records

Student Certificate

Academic Reference Letter 1

Academic Reference Letter 2

2 photos

Copy of Passport

Before going abroad as an exchange student:

Learning Agreement (Download form)


Students should follow-up all the application procedures of the host institution. Therefore students are requested to check the academic calendar of the host University in advance.


Students are obliged to obtain a student visa for the country they are going for exchange. International Academic Relations Office is not responsible for students who fail to do so. It is among students' responsibilities to have a valid passport before applying to visa. Each country has different application procedures and requires different documents. Ask the relevant Consulate for the list of required documents for exchange students and also inquire about a residence permit (whether it is needed and where you will get it). Student Visa and residence permit procedures may take very long; students are advised to start their application procedure at least six to eight weeks prior to the staring date of their exchange semester.